5 tips for business trips that will make you enjoy yourself


Looking for good business travel tips to enhance your experience? You’re in the right place. Traveling for work is not always gold that glitters. Like the phrase: ‘How cool to get paid to travel!’ is not always accurate. If your profession forces you to travel, you will know what we mean. Flights, hours of waiting, lack of sleep, irregular diets … They make it possible not to enjoy the experience. And most of the time we can’t say no. But not everything is lost. In Gabol we have 5 tips for business trips that will transform your obligation into devotion.

Business trips can be quite exhausting: planes, traffic jams, waiting rooms, unexpected delays, lack of sleep, impersonal hotels, irregular diets… All of them are factors that do not favor a good experience. But not everything is lost. Traveling for work can have very good things if we know how to take advantage of them. Small gestures can drastically change your experience. Obligations are unavoidable, but the way in which you manage them as well as the quality of the time you dedicate depends 100% on you and can become the key to enjoy a rewarding trip for work. In Gabol we give you 5 tips for very useful and simple business trips:

Travel with the right luggage

One of the best tips for business travel is the choice of luggage. There is nothing worse than traveling with a suitcase that is too heavy or difficult to handle. If you move around for work, we recommend that you invest in a quality, lightweight suitcase with double wheels for a smooth ride. And when it comes to packing your luggage, if you travel only for a couple of days, try to minimize it with a good hand luggage (you might be interested in ‘Measurements of the hand luggage of the main airlines’) you will avoid waiting in the check-in and risk of loss, and you will be able to move more easily. Gabol’s pilot suitcases are a very good choice for business trips.

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Enjoy your free time, really free.

You travel for work, yes, but there are also times for rest. Try to make the most of your free time disconnected from work. If you can forget your mobile phone, email or meetings for a few hours a day, your experience will gain a lot as you will be able to compensate for your physical fatigue and metal. Take a walk, rest, read or listen to your favorite music – you have the best excuse to be out of coverage! Make the most of it.

Book an extra day for yourself

How many cities have you visited for work of which you have not known anything? It’s over. One of the best business travel tips we can give you is to join the leisure travels trend, a way of traveling that combines business with free time. Take advantage of the fact that you travel to this interesting city and book an extra couple of days to get to know it. The three best leisure activities include sightseeing, meals and local cultural experiences. Hotels often offer a wide range of additional options to business travelers, so don’t hesitate to ask them for advice! Turn your business trip into a unique experience.

Take your sports equipment with you!

Sometimes when traveling we find more time to do some sport than in our daily routine. So it’s a good idea to take your sports equipment with you on your business trip, as it will help you disconnect from work and, if you decide to do sports outdoors, you may be able to get to know another part of the city you wear. A morning in an unfamiliar city or going swimming after work in the hotel pool is the perfect way to relax, so be sure to pack those glasses or running shoes!

Get to know and try local options

Why not make the most of your stay and go out and try the typical places of your destination? There is nothing more rewarding than discovering new places and the local gastronomy! And if you feel uncomfortable sitting alone, take something to read (remember, no work!), and maybe you know someone.

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