Europe: Top 10 Backpack Destinations

Hello! if you are looking for a travel idea for your next holiday in Europe, you will surely not be able to save yourself from offers. For a backpack trip in Europe or a backpack trip through Europe there are plenty of ideas and many great holiday destinations.

In Europe you can make great backpacker holidays!

There are super exciting destinations!

Backpack vacation in Europe planned! You are still looking for a holiday destination because you plan to explore Europe as a backpacker with your backpack? How about one of our recommended destinations?

Balkans / Southeastern Europe

If you want to look forward to large national parks, warm hosts and good food, you should consider a backpacking holiday in the Balkans. Southeastern Europe is an absolute dream destination for backpackers who want to travel away from the mainstream. Among the exciting destinations are the countries:

  • Albania
  • Macedonia
  • Montenegro
  • Croatia
  • Serbia
  • Slovenia

Especially in the pre- and post-season (May and September) you can enjoy your backpack trip in great weather at comparatively low prices. In countries like Serbia, where tourism is comparatively low, accommodation and food are particularly cheap for backpackers.

For example, how about a backpack trip combining Serbia and beautiful Croatia? We recommend a route from Mostar in Serbia via Zagreb to the Croatian coast, for example to Zadar or even Split. And then maybe you’ll go to Italy afterwards?

Algarve of Portugal

If you are attracted to the sea and want dream beaches, but also want to combine them with breathtaking cliff walks and coastal walks, then you should choose a backpack holiday in Portugal at the Algarve.

On a backpacking trip from west to east (or vice versa) you can discover the most beautiful places in the Algarve such as the Cabo de Sao Vicente near Sagres, the southwest point of Europe, whose rocky cliffs up to 70m high are one of the magical places for backpackers in Europe.

Don’t forget to make a detour to Lisbon, Portugal’s capital city, which attracts backpackers with plenty of variety: there’s a great old town and cosy street cafés to discover!


If you want to look forward to endless green forests, deep blue fishing lakes, mountains and a mild climate far away from the stress of everyday life to enjoy a bit of unspoilt nature, then you should choose a backpack holiday in Sweden.

Many signposted and unmarked hiking trails as well as sensational camping possibilities through the Swedish Everyman’s Right make it possible for you to spend a lot of time in the fresh air during an active holiday or to relax.

Especially popular with backpackers in Sweden are canoe trips on your own (guided tours are also possible), where you can paddle through Sweden’s extensive lake areas during the day and spend the night at designated resting places or in the great outdoors for camping. >Backpack holidays in Sweden

Southern France at the European Grand Canyon

The south of France has more to offer than just the impressive coastal towns. If wild canyons, torrential rivers, deserted mountain tunnels and unspoilt nature are what you’re looking for, then you should take a backpack holiday in southern France at the European Grand Canyon – the Gorges du Verdon.

With great hiking trails and plenty of campsites in the middle of nature, you can also discover cool lakes for a swim in the vicinity of the Verdon Gorge.

Combine your backpack trip through the nature of southern France via Marseille with a great city trip!

Balearic Islands and the Canary Islands

If you combine the Spanish Balearic and Canary Islands only with hotel castles and classic beach holidays, then you should get to know Mallorca and Ibiza in particular now with a backpack trip from a completely different side.

The Balearic Islands have much more to offer backpackers than just a party mile and a ball man! The Canary Islands of Tenerife and Gran Canaria can also be explored on foot in the low season.

Austria and Hungary

Backpack holidays and hiking – that actually goes hand in hand! And where could you spend a hiking holiday with a backpack even better than in Austria?

Because here you’ll find everything a lover of mountains, fresh air and nature needs. Countless hiking tours are just waiting to be experienced by you. With good hiking boots and a good touring backpack, even the longest hike will be a success!

Our special tip: combine your backpack holiday in Austria with a trip to Hungary! Especially the impressive but lively city of Budapest will make your backpacker’s heart beat faster…

Sicily in Italy

Take your backpack to the island! On Sicily you will find pure Mediterranean flair.

Not only the picturesque old town of Trapani is waiting for you, but also excellent Italian food, which with a special Sicilian touch makes not only backpackers culinary happy every day anew.


If you’re looking forward not only to the beer in Irish pubs but also to the breathtaking coastal scenery, old castles and enchanted moors, then you’re in the right place on Ireland’s green island as a backpack holidaymaker.

The Irish people are very sociable and are sure to introduce you to some of the island’s legends and customs, so you can quickly get Ireland into your backpacker’s heart.


A dream of many backpackers and outdoor enthusiasts: To explore the breathtaking fjords, as well as the flora and fauna of Norway in the far north of Europe!

Make sure you choose one or at most two regions for your backpack trip to Norway, otherwise you will have far too little time to simply enjoy nature and relax.


For backpackers who are drawn to Greece, the form of island hopping is particularly popular.

If you want to discover something new every few days, then a backpack trip to the Greek islands is just the thing. Choose for example the well-known island groups like the Cyclades (including the island of Mykonos), Dodecanese (including the island of Rhodes) or the Ionian Islands (including the island of Corfu) or fly to the quieter Sporades for hiking in Greece.

For all culture lovers we recommend a tour to Athens and from there on to the island of Peloponnese, because there is a whole armada of UNESCO World Heritage sights waiting for you – all quite close to each other and easy to reach with a car tour from Athens around the island. >Backpacking in Greece

Backpacking through Europe

In our blog we would like to show you travel ideas for your backpack holiday in Europe and give you ideas for smaller backpack trips or larger backpack trips. Even if many backpackers are drawn to Southeast Asia or Australia – Europe is also a perfect destination for backpackers!

There are numerous possibilities for a short backpack holiday in Europe, such as a hiking weekend for leisure and outdoor activities! We have put together the most popular Top 10 backpack destinations for Europe for you here.

A short excerpt about the most popular 3 backpacking destinations in Europe: Not only in summer many campers are attracted to the breathtaking coast of the Balkans, also more and more backpackers like the fantastic scenery at the Mediterranean Sea in Croatia out of season. Another popular destination for a backpack trip is the Algarve in Portugal, where you can end the evenings with a delicious glass of Portuguese red wine. If you want to go completely into the hands of nature on your backpack holiday, you will probably want to head north to Sweden.

Even more destinations for backpackers

If you have wanderlust, then you will find in our categories Top 10 Backpack Destinations Worldwide, Popular World Travel Routes or Top 10 Exotic Backpack Destinations certainly some travel ideas for backpacking holidays all over the world.

Our travel ideas are regularly updated – so check back regularly to get inspired for your next backpack holiday. If you don’t want to plan your trip on your own or would like to travel in a group, you should get individual advice from an experienced tour operator.