The holidays of the self-employed


It is popularly believed that the terms holidays and self-employment are not good companions. After all, the myth has spread that self-employed entrepreneurs cannot take a few days or weeks off: Is this true?

In our country, there are more than 3 million Spaniards in an autonomous regime. For many of them, taking a few days off can be quite a complicated task. One of the most common health problems among the self-employed is stress. A working day that sometimes has no end, can often lead to such ailments.

If you know very well what we are talking about, do not despair, take a minute to read this post and perhaps that deserved rest is closer than you think.

Vacation Planning

Make an analysis of the sector
The best opportunity to take a vacation is when the amount of work or projects is less.

Plan your vacation well in advance

Keep all your lines well tied up and don’t let anything slip through your fingers. During the year, organize your holiday schedule, carry out staff interviews… Don’t leave everything for the last day! You’ll see how during your absence everything flows into the business and you’ll enjoy the holidays more by having everything under control.

Hire another worker

Many freelancers believe that this is how they lose money. But it doesn’t have to be that way, even if we have to make the effort to hire an extra employee, the business remains open and our image of customer service will continue to be good.

Check your mail (but only a few minutes a day)

We know that vacations are for enjoying and disconnecting. But in this case, we suggest that you spend a few minutes a day to make a call or check your mail. Being up to date with your business will help you get back.

And if you haven’t been able to escape…

If this hasn’t been your year either, take note of these tips, they will make your weeks much more bearable.

Reduced hours

It is summer and although in some sectors the volume of work may be greater, the tendency of many businesses is to shorten their working hours. It will help you allocate your time better, which does not mean that turnover falls.

Balancing the volume of work

Organize and share the work. Create tasks during the week and solve them in an order. It will help you get through these days and not get overwhelmed while others enjoy themselves.

Disconnect from work

Learning to separate work and leisure is fundamental these days. You can also enjoy the city during the holidays. During the summer your attitude towards work must change, this can be a turning point to share your time between business and personal life.

Do some physical activity

We know that exercise should be a routine and is always advisable. But in this case we encourage you even more. Exercise during times of greatest stress will help you relax and disconnect.

Holidays and freelancers? The answer is… Yes! You no longer have excuses to rest a few days a year without neglecting your business. Organization and planning are two fundamental aspects for you to enjoy a vacation like the rest of mortals. And to relax completely, have a company insurance that does not leave you stranded in the moments you need more.

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