A cruise will not only allow you to enjoy a holiday at sea, it is also an opportunity to discover new but places every day.

The cruise companies carefully select each year the best and most attractive excursions in all ports of call, taking into account the quality of them in all its aspects: from the comforts of the buses that make the journey, to the planning of itineraries so that the cruisers visit in each city the most emblematic places and have enough time to tour the destination or buy a souvenir, to the choice of local guides, as they usually work with Spanish-speaking professional experts, highly qualified and approved by the Tourism authorities of each country. Normally you can find out about this offer, and even hire excursions in advance, by going to the websites of these cruise companies or, once on board, in the Excursions Office, this is what they call optional excursions.

Also, so that you do not miss any of the activities organized on board, all are in perfect harmony with the schedule of the excursions.

North Sea Cruises

In this remote corner of Europe, vibrant port cities await you, recognisable in the distance by their characteristic copper-needled churches, colourful little houses, castle towers and imposing medieval fortresses. But also the most surprising and suggestive natural places in the world: the Norwegian fjords. Formed several glacial eras ago thanks to the sliding of the immense masses of ice that at that time covered the north of Europe, these lands with steep mountains, which easily reach 2,000 meters, have a great landscape value. However, it is not all leisure, exuberant nature and historical constructions. There are modern and avant-garde cities, such as Stockholm, which are part of the select group of less polluted cities, hence you can swim in the waters that embrace the City Council, or fish next to the Royal Palace and Parliament.

Cruises in the Eastern Mediterranean

The Eastern Mediterranean, an area already used by the Romans for pleasure cruises, especially in Capri, Ischia and other islands of the Bay of Naples, is capable of seducing you with unforgettable and idyllic surroundings in which you will soak up the freshness of the Mediterranean and hidden enclaves. A seduction that takes us directly to the Cyclic islands, Rhodes and Crete, for example, where its calm crystalline waters give way to the brown of its hills, the greys and blacks of its volcanoes and the white of its small houses and whitewashed churches; or to the Pearl of the Adriatic, Dubrovnik, a medieval city full of charm thanks to its picturesque constructions and narrow alleys and where time seems to stop. But in the Eastern Mediterranean there are many other very different destinations. Athens and Istanbul are perhaps the cities that have grown faster trying to combine the old with the new, unlike the monasteries of Meteora, in Volos, which keep almost intact their initial construction. The Eastern Mediterranean enjoys an excellent climate at any time of the year.

Western Mediterranean Cruises

Cruising through the Western Mediterranean you will visit some of the most touristy places on the Côte d’Azur, such as Monaco and Corsica, thanks to their exceptional climate and quality of life, the Italian cities of Rome, the ancient “Capital of the World”, and Livorno, whose charm lies in its intense vitality, or Malta, a small and fascinating country that emerges in the south of Italy and guards an exemplary port and imposing fortifications in La Valletta, the capital.

Many of the cruises through the Western Mediterranean also start in the city of Barcelona, from which we cannot leave without soaking ourselves in the works of the modernist architect Antonio Gaudí – the Güell Park, the Casa Batlló, the Casa Milà and the Sagrada Familia – and make their first stop in Tunis, where valuable vestiges have been discovered. In Italian lands, cruisers stop in the city of Naples, although what really becomes a hive of people is the Vesuvius volcano, which emerges very close to this Italian city and erupted more than twenty centuries ago razing the cities of Pompeii and Herculaneum, and in the port of Civitavecchia to spend a day in Rome. It is easy to fall in love with this city that shelters between its streets one of the smallest states in Europe, an amphitheater erected in the first century and monumental fountains. Livorno is usually the last stop for cruise ships in Italy. This city, founded by the Medici in the middle of the 16th century, boasts the beautiful Florence, which houses hundreds of works of art in its museums and churches.

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